Commercial Solar Power

A commercial solar system is now COST NEUTRAL from day 1! However it will provide long term massive savings for your business – let us show you how.

tick2We will conduct electrical data logging of your premises so we can design and advise you of the most suitable size system. We will present you with a proposal showing how muchh your solar system will lower your current reliance on grid power. We will present graphs identifying a typical day’s production compared with your typical day’s consumption of electricity.We will identify what your expected annual savings are to allow you to see your return on investment.

tick2 Our Micro inverter solar systems use the same 240V AC technology and cabling that your building does. A standard single inverter will be transmitting up to 800V DC. This extremely high voltage has been proven to cause arcing and fires. Our Micro inverter systems are fully internet connected to allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your asset and therefore how it is saving your company every day.

tick2Our Micro inverter systems allow every panel to operate independently from each other. EVERY panel. Our panels are wired in parallel so if one panel out of 25 fails, only one panel is affected. A single inverter system may have 25 panels wired in a group and if one panel fails, all 25 do. This also applies to any shading of panels, in a Micro inverter system, you’ve got it – only one panel is affected again.

tick2Our Micro inverter systems are automatically monitored for performance each and every day. If even one panel fails, you are notified of this. So every component from the panel, connectors and inverters is monitored fulltime by the world’s largest micro inverter manufacturer to ensure your assest is performing as expected. A single inverter system is not monitored and you have to go and check for yourself. Even then you only know that it is working, but is every panel?

This is the quality you should expect from a significant investment into your business. Only our Enphase Micro inverter AC solar systems can deliver this level of professionalism and security of performance.

By installing a solar power system with Hush Energy today, you not only lock in the cost of producing your electricity at today’s prices, you also will end up with YEARS of free electricity from your system. This is not a joke or a gimmick; you can pay off your system in as little as 5 years and then produce electricity for free for more than 20years. Our customers have replaced their standard electricity costs with a solar system that pays for itself. We don’t know how much clearer to put it!

Talk to us today about either purchasing your system outright or commercail leasing it, to access your discounted electricity!



A solar system can be easily increased in generating capacity to meet your company’s needs without any disruption to your business. So as your company grows and requires more electricity, you can be assured that the solar system can grow to meet your requirements.


The solar system is connected to the main electricity grid, meaning no matter what time of day it is or the prevailing weather, you have a normal electrical supply.


Electricity generated from a solar system is 100% emission free. It’s also silent, reliable, endless and unobtrusive to your business.

Let Hush Energy take care of your commercial needs; we provide various Queensland locations, including Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, with our premium service. Get in touch with our expert team today!

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