Enphase Battery Storage

This is the new world – producing and solar energy during the day AS WELL as storing and using solar energy during the night. Your house or business can now choose how much independence they want with their own electricity being produced every day.

Enphase Energy is soon to release their unique, modular designed, lithium battery storage system. Just as Enphase revolutionised solar with their flexible, safer, performance monitored systems, now they will change forever the energy storage world. Modular, flexible systems that can be expanded easily allowing customers to purchase their full sized system immediatley or increase their storage capacity over a number of years.

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Your Enphase micro inverter solar system and Enphase battery storage system will be fully monitored on MyEnlighten, so the customer is  kept fully informed of what they are producing, what they are using, what they are storing. THIS is the future of energy and Hush Energy can deliver it to you.

Hush Energy has already had a sneak preview of this system and we are exceptionally excited about the quality and flexibility of its design. ONLY Enphase solar customers will be able to bolt on this exciting new product so make sure you get an Enphase solar system from Hush Energy now and be ready to seamlessly add on battery storage.