Enphase micro inverter systems


Hush Energy proudly installs the worlds largest manufacturer of micro inverters – Enphase Energy. Enphase have over 6 million inverters installed worldwide and in fact – it’s all they do! This is the reason they are leaders in the industry as they focus solely on providing the best micro inverter on the market and will soon release their 5th generation inverter. They have features that no other inverter has, setting themselves apart as the premium technology available.

tick2 More electricity – Micro inverter systems are able to create on average 10% more electricity per year than a single inverter system. This is achieved because we install a small inverter under each and every panel on your roof so every panel is operating independently. Whereas with a single inverter there is a group (we call it a string) of up to 14 panels wired together and can only operate as good as the worst panel. It’s the old ‘weakest link in the chain’ scenario.

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tick2 Longer warranty – Enphase micro inverters have a 10 yr warranty whereas standard inverters have 5 yr warranty. Enphase stand behind the quality of their product.
tick2 Peace of mind – your entire system performance is automatically monitored by us and an alert is issued if the system or even 1 panel stops working. A single inverter system can’t do this.

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tick2 Monitor from anywhere – the customer can check the performance of their system from anywhere in the world on any computer or their smart phone App.
tick2 Free upgrades – the software in every micro inverter is upgraded for free for the life of the system! So you always have the latest technology.
tick2 Safer voltages – your micro inverter system uses only 240V AC cabling, the same as what is currently in your building. Single inverter systems can have up to 550V DC running through them and have caused fires from arcing.
tick2 Built for the conditions – our micro inverter are built to a temperature rating of 85 deg C, single inverters are rated to. 65 deg C.

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tick2 Free renewable energy – micro inverters produce more electricity from a free resource than any other solar system. That ‘fuel’ source is limitless and doesn’t produce any emissions!