Q: Is the electricity the same and is it okay for my house/office/commercial buildings

A: Oh yes! The inverters have safety certificates issued stating they comply to the Australian standards.


Q: If I am not using all of the electricity my solar system is producing, what happens to it?

A: It is automatically exported to the powergrid, and you WILL be paid for it! Just another way of reducing your electricity bill.


Q: How long will the system keep producing electricity for?

A: Well they are guaranteed that after 25 years they will still be producing 80% of the power compared to when they were brand new!


Q: We have cyclones in Queensland, how strong are the mounting brackets?

A: We only use mounting systems that are engineer certified to withstand ALL wind conditions in Australia.


Q: Can I see just how much electricity each kilowatt (kW) will produce?

A: Sure, we can show you the output of our panels at a government demonstration site in the Northern Territory, set up just for this reason.


Q: If the power cuts out, what do I have to do after it is restored?

A: Nothing. The inverter detects electrical supply again from the powergrid and switches back on automatically.