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Sunshine State Living Up to Its Name

Queensland also known as the sunshine state currently boasts the largest number of rooftop solar power users In addition to this the state is now lead

Big year predicted for solar and storage

The Climate Council is predicting a massive year ahead for solar power based on its report State of Solar 2016 Globally and in Australia The study whi

Solar Citizens Spreading the word about solar energy

Its clear the Australian rooftop solar revolution is charging ahead And why not It makes sense as Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the wo

Amazing Solar Energy Facts Part 2

Continuing on from Amazing Solar Energy Facts Part 1 here are plenty more facts about the wonderful power of solar energy The use of solar energy by h

Amazing Solar Energy Facts Part 1

We have heard it over and over from a multitude of sources we are burning through our fossil fuels too fast meaning not only are we going to run out

Queenslanders Finally Getting What They Deserve

The solar industry and those who benefit from it have had a hard slog over the last few years with reductions in feed in tariffs and a general price r

Another Day Another Great Aussie Solar Breakthrough

Australian scientists and inventors have long been known for their innovation when it comes to developing products that benefit people Well this new i