Residential Solar Power

You chose – endless solar power or endless power bills.

An Enphase micro inverter solar system on your house will save you more every year by producing your own electricity instead of having it supplied by an Energy Retailer. Your electricity costs will keep going down as the system pays itself off, then you will get decades of free electricity. Imagine that, electricity feeding into your house that you no longer have to pay for, that is the wonderful bonus of solar.

Case study: some of our customers are reporting savings of $2500 p.a. on their electricity costs!

how? their house, air conditioners, office and pool are all being powered by their solar system every day. these customers are reporting a 60% reduction in their electricity costs. click here to view their system.

We are now installing in Cairns, Sunshine Coast and Townsville, using the outstanding Enphase AC solar micro inverter systems coupled with Trina panels. As this is a long term investment, we only recommend the highest quality AC systems which are safer, produce more electricity, have longer warranties and are fully monitored for performance. Normal single inverter systems just cannot do all that. As seen above, you don’t need to compromise on safety or performance with a cheap system that is focused on price, not quality and reliability.


The experts in providing residential solar power

If you are just now contemplating solar, Hush Energy has a number of strategies that will allow you to produce and consume your solar electricity, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars off your electricity. We service various locations across Queensland, to make sure your installation is as seamless as possible. Solar electricity should be on the top of your wish list to combat the rising cost of living.

Contact Hush Energy to see how you can save dramatically on your costs year after year.

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