Our Quality Commitment

At Hush Energy we ONLY use brands that have a proven track record in renewable energy manufacturing. These are global leaders in our industry, constantly releasing product which is market leading and show a commitment to us and you as their customers. The continued success of our business depends on us providing quality products and service that ensure customers achieve what we have promised them. That is our first priority – you the customer.

Why is that our priority? Because we see most companies focusing on being the cheapest quote and the cheapest system. Other companies supply cheap isolators which are found to be faulty and recalled, plus mount them on your roof in the rain! We see other companies mount panels in the wrong areas of the roof just to finish the job quickly and ‘get out of there’. Hush Energy instead focus on a quality product and quality installation with their own employed installers, not contracted out to the cheapest installer.




Enphase Energy Our first choice is Enphase Energy micro inverters as our dedication to QUALITY is matched by Enphase Energy’s when looking at their research, development and manufacturing processes.

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Enphase Energy are the world’s largest micro inverter company and have now released their 4th generation inverter, the only company in the world with this amount of experience. With features such as each panel operating independently of each other and using standard 240V cabling instead of high voltage cabling, it is a clear choice for safety and reliability. Outstanding online customer monitoring is available through My Enlighten, enabling customers to view current and historical data and performance on their system. Automatic system performance monitoring is also offered free for every system.

Trina Solar Trina is a global top two manfucturer with nearly 20yrs in our industry. Developed with advances in multicrystalline cell technology, Trina Solar’s Honey cells deliver higher efficiencies with world-record-setting power output. Honey modules have set a new world record for power output under strict supervision by German company TUV Rheinland.

Trina Honey panels have the highest power output under STC (Standard Test Conditions) and proudly state these on their spec sheets. They also have the lowest ‘heat’ rating being the Temperature Co-efficient of Power Max, meaning they produce more power when hot than their competitors.

Combined with Trina Solar’s standard 10 year product and 25 year linear power output warranties, Honey is one investment that lets you rest easy and enjoy the sweet returns.