Hush Energy only installs Safer, Superior Solar Systems in Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay & Brisbane

Hush Energy are solar power experts and provide safer, superior systems. What does that mean for our customers?

Superior Solar - EVERY PANEL is wired separately so you can see their performance and know ALL your system is working.

Safer Solar - Our systems have FULLY protected wiring because every panel is working individually. If you can see every panel, it doesn't have protected wiring.

Our SolarEdge systems offer a minimum 12 year guarantee

Every solar power system installation undertaken by us in Queensland has these vital features meaning our customers have a safer, superior solar system for life. Unfortunately, most systems on the market don’t have these features and therefore are inferior/cheaper, which is why we won’t install them.

 As one of Queensland's leading solar power installation companies, we hold the 2 highest qualifications for quality products and service in our industry and we can ensure your solar system is tailored to your needs. Whether you are located in Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay, BrisbaneCairns  or any of the other areas served, we can help. Visit our product pages to see the amazing benefits you get from a superior Hush Energy solar power system.



How much can Hush Energy save on your electricity bill?


set yourself up for a future of free power

As one of the leading Queensland residential solar companies with locations in Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay & Brisbane, Hush Energy has over 10 years experience in superior solar. Let us show you how to pay $0 upfront and NO MORE than you are currently paying to your electricity company. Pay off your solar system instead of paying them!

Spread the costs out over a number of years for peace of mind.

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massive long-term savings for your business

Commercial solar systems can easily increase generating capacity to meet your company’s needs without any disruption to your business.

As your company grows and requires more electricity, you can be assured that the top-of-the-line Hush solar system you've purchased can grow to meet your business' requirements.

Our solar panel installers are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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pay nothing upFront for your solar system

As one of the most trusted Queensland solar power installation companies with locations in CairnsSunshine CoastWide Bay & Brisbane, Hush Energy can offer you exciting and unparalleled finance options.

You have the option to not pay for your system with your own funds, but instead, simply divert some of your existing electricity payments to paying for your own system - not theirs.

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