$ave Thousands!

Save $1500

with a free SolarEdge Hybrid inverter that’s battery and EV charger ready for all systems up to 8kW in size today!

25 year Warranty on all Solar Panels

Feel secure knowing every panel Hush Energy installs has a 25 year warranty.

Solar Power for your Home & Business

Why are our solar panel solutions considered to be safer and superior to 80% of other solar systems?

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Our solar systems have protected wiring to every panel & a dedicated safety switch.

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Every panel we install is wired separately so you can see their performance and ensure all of your panels are working.

Only 20% of solar systems in QLD have these two features.

Lets’ face it, if you’re going to invest in reducing your power costs you want to know that you have a system that works - don’t you?

Can you AFFORD to buy a poor quality solar system?

Trusted Solar Power Experts

Because we specialise in solar power we’ve become one of Queenslands most trusted installers of solar solutions.

  • solar panels iconOver 10,000 solar power installations in QLD
  • certificate IconAccredited SolarEdge Preferred installers
  • thumbs up iconEnphase Energy Gold Level Installer
  • hardhat worker iconWe use our own installers (no subcontractors)
  • trophy iconMore than 10 years installing solar systems


We don’t use cheap panels, inverters or components!

That’s how we can offer a 25-year performance warranty: because we only install premium SolarEdge systems and Enphase inverters.

That’s a lot more than most installers can offer.

Solar Power for your Business

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We use comprehensive energy modelling to calculate how much your business can save and to calculate the right system for your business needs.

There’s a lot more to superior solar systems than simply installing panels.

Solar Power for your Home

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With more than 10 years' experience installing high quality, safer solar power solutions for home owners in Cairns, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay.

Reduce your home electricity bill now.


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The risks of buying solar

Hush. We have a secret to tell you.

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