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Hush Energy and Solar Lease Qld announce their exciting new lease options where you can choose to not pay for your system with your own funds, but lease it and own it at the end. There is no need to pay with your own money, instead you can spread the costs out over a number of years.

This is revolutionary as quite often your lease repayments simply equal the savings made from your solar power system. Hush Energy can also install a battery storage system for you - Enphase or SolarEdge - on a lease package as well!

We have put together these options by still using our premium micro inverter, internet monitored solar systems so you can be assured of outstanding performance and reliability every day of its life!


You are used to paying your electricity bill every 3 months. Stop paying endless bills which rise every year and divert up to 70% of those costs to your lease payments instead. As one of Australia's top residential solar companies, Hush Energy can help you increase your savings with one of our premium battery storage systems. At the end of the lease period, you are handed your solar system and now your ongoing costs are reduced by up to 70%, or more with batteries!

This can be your reality: a 5.2kW solar system could save you $1800 in the first year (75% of the solar power being consumed), while the lease repayments are less than your savings over 7yrs! Outstanding savings with the prize being your very own solar system at the end of the lease.


This is the answer for every business, pay nothing up front for a solar system that provides immediate and massive savings. Move the cost of a premium solar system from CapEx to OpEx and every cent is a fully deductible cost. Your new outgoings in many cases are actually going to be less than your current outgoings, including your lease repayments!

We cannot overstate how great a deal we have secured to assist each and every business lower their electricity costs dramatically and permanently. 

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