Residential Solar Power

You choose – endless solar power or endless power bills.


If you are just now contemplating the amazing savings achieved from solar power, contact Hush Energy, as one of Queenland's leading residential solar companies with offices Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay, and Brisbane, we can provide many strategies that will allow you to produce and consume your solar electricity, saving you potentially thousands of dollars off your electricity bills. We service many locations across Queensland, to make sure your installation is as seamless as possible. Solar electricity should be on the top of your wish list to combat the rising cost of living.

Our Queensland solar specialists have decades of combined experience in the industry and only recommend the 2 highest quality products on the market - Enphase Micro Inverters and Solar Edge systems. This will ensure the largest savings possible, backed by the best warranties available anywhere. Hush Energy is committed to your long term highest level of satisfaction from owning an outstanding solar system and busting your electricity costs.

Imagine combining your new solar system with a battery to eliminate up to 100% of your electricity costs! We can show you how.

Insist on only having the safety system available, with the best warranties from global manufacturers.

This is what Hush Energy specialises in.

Contact Hush Energy to see how you can save dramatically on your electricity costs year after year.

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