Solar Power on a Tiled Roof in Minyama

Are you concerned that the roof line of your house is too complicated to fit a solar power system?

Well, architecture shouldn't stop you getting free power from the sun.

Hush Energy installed ths 9kW Enphase micro inverter system in Minyama.

This style of home is common on the Sunshine Coast, especially in the canal areas of Buddina, Parreara and Kawana Island

To make the most of small roof areas, solar panels were installed across a total of 9 separate spaces. This configuration is where a micro inverter system becomes the optimum solution.

For even better return from the solar power system, we also used high performance PERC black framed panels. PERC, short for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell, is actually an Australian invention that makes solar panels more efficient.