Location! Location! Location! The Best Spot to Install Solar Panels

When it comes to solar panels, placement is vitally important. As you are investing in the fulfilment of producing your own power, saving money, and reducing your carbon footprint, your solar panels should be placed where you achieve the maximum benefits.

Roof or Ground Mounting

Solar panels are most often seen mounted on rooftops but – depending on the opportunities for orientation and placement – other positions can also provide optimal benefits of maximum sunlight; including on exterior corridors, above parking stations, on the ground, close to walls, on rainwater tanks, and free stand mounted in paddocks. Solar panels can also be used to heat swimming pools, schools, and nursing homes.

While the top of any building seems logically the best place to install solar panels (because it’s out of the way and can have wide spatial areas), shade from nearby trees or other tall structures can greatly affect your maximum exposure. As with oddly shaped roofs, sometimes ground mounting is the better option.

Not all roofs are ideally suited for solar installation, and those made from clay tiles, those that will need repairs or replacement within 25 years (the normal guarantee period for solar panels), or any that have received excessive snow during the winter months are not perfect. If you have the space, ground mounted panels also allow you to manually adjust your solar panels, in order to receive maximum solar power seasonally.

Orientation and Tilt in Australia

When the sun strikes solar panels at a perpendicular 90Ëš angle, the maximum amount of energy will be produced. In Australia, the perfect orientation for your solar panels is true north, as they will be facing the direction from which the sun presents to us in the Southern Hemisphere. Having your panels facing true north also minimises the impact on efficiency during the winter months. North Westerly and North Easterly facing panels will operate at around 90Ëš, while East or West facing panels will only operate at up to 85Ëš of its rated output. The optimum tilt angle for your panels should be your latitude minus 10Ëš, and can be easily calculated by a solar panel specialist.

Solar panels can be mounted just about anywhere that gets the maximum energy from the sun, to fulfil your energy usage. A licensed solar panel expert will take everything into consideration – including your space, aspect, and energy usage – before discussing the best options with you to ensure a smooth running system.Hush Energy’s solar experts are dedicated to finding the absolute best position for your solar system, so give us a call today for a quote.

Looking for a solar power system? Choose your location.

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