installing solar panel

How are Hush Energy solar power systems superior?

Prospective customers often ask Hush Energy to prove our residential solar power systems are better.  Oh, how we love a challenge! How about a 12-year system warranty as standard, not five? That’s what you get with Hush Energy. What about being able to guarantee […]

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seeing the sun through an ocean wave

Sunshine State Living Up to Its Name!

Queensland, also known as the sunshine state, currently boasts the largest number of rooftop solar power users. In addition to this, the state is now leading the way in large-scale solar plant construction. This trend in the development of Queensland […]

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many solar panels on a commercial building rooftop

Big year predicted for solar and storage

The Climate Council is predicting a massive year ahead for solar power, based on its report, State of Solar 2016: Globally and in Australia. The study, which was released in February 2017, found that the costs of producing industrial-scale solar […]

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hand pointing at sheet of paper with pie charts and bar graphs

Amazing Solar Energy Facts, Part 1

We have heard it over and over from a multitude of sources – we are burning through our fossil fuels too fast, meaning not only are we going to run out, but we are also causing a huge amount of […]

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The Benefits of Battery Storage

Imagine being able to harness the sun’s energy by day and store it in batteries overnight. The Enphase storage battery allow you to not only generate your own electricity, but to store and measure exactly how much power you have […]

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