The Risks of Buying Solar

Hush. We have a secret to tell you.

We don’t mean to alarm you. But you should know most solar energy retailers are selling unsafe systems which don’t last.

That’s because many companies focus on being the cheapest supplier with the cheapest system, so corners get cut.

Hush Energy sells a better-quality system because we want to right the wrongs of our industry. We want to keep our customers happy and safe.

Hush Energy solar systems work better, last longer and are safer than every other solar system in our industry.

Most Australian solar systems are rebranded products from a small number of international manufacturers.

These products are made with concerning features which could soon leave you with a broken system or one that doesn’t work as it should.

Know the risks so you can ask your installers about these issues so you can compare quotes with the right information.

Risk #1 – Breakdowns are common and it’s hard to fix the problem

Most Australian solar system use ‘series wiring’. That means when one solar panel is broken, all the panels on the same row break.

But rather than fixing one panel, all the panels need to be replaced. If it comes out of the box faulty, you’ll never find out it was broken in the first place.

Why we’re different

Our system is wired differently, so you can see how every panel works at any time. Each panel is connected to our online solar tracker, which you and Hush Energy can see. Should there ever be a problem, that is spotted easily. Under our industry-leading 25-year warranty maintenance and replacement is costs are free.    

Risk #2 – Installation scapegoating means you can’t always rely on your warranty.

All systems need maintenance over time. Just like you keep your car serviced, solar system ware and tare means you’ll have to call the business you bought it from at some point.

The industry commonly outsources installation.

The business you buy your system from may not be the same business who installs it.

When a system needs maintenance and replacement, customers with systems still under warranty are often left in the middle of a dispute about which business is to blame. Who is to say the business will still even be around when you need help?

Why we’re different

Don’t buy solar twice. Our installers work for us. Our 25-year warranty offers just that. We have been around for 10 years and are here to stay. We are one of the biggest solar panel businesses in QLD. We have installed over 10,000 solar panels and received more than 200 positive reviews.

Risk #3 – Inferior wiring means cheaper systems don’t last long.

Energy generated from most solar systems is managed through just one ‘invertor’. This heats up to 65-70 degrees. Cracks and malfunction from having to withstand this heat is the main reason entire solar systems need replacing.

Why we’re different

Our system is wired so we have one invertor under every panel. One invertor handles heat from just one panel, so the temperature it must withstand only rises to 42-45 degrees. That’s why our invertors last longer. Also, over time when one invertor does deteriorate, you may only need to replace one panel, not the entire system.

Risk #4 – Your safety.

Most solar systems don’t have safety switches or fully protected wiring all the way to the panel.

Queensland regulations haven’t caught up to rest of the world outlawing this, excepted for South Australia which has stopped selling these products. At least, though, all new Australian homes are also protected.

If you buy a system without safety switch protection, not only does it leave your system more vulnerable to malfunction from wild weather and animals, you or your installers risk electrocution when adjustments and maintenance is needed.

Why we’re different

Our systems have safety switches and full wiring protection to you and your home is safe.