What does Solar Neutral mean?

One of the greatest hurdles to upgrading an energy system to solar is the initial cost outlay. It is hard to find the money to invest in a solar system, even though the end result in years to come will certainly pay off in the form of reduced energy costs and perhaps even a small income generated via the feed in tariff. People can find themselves caught in an energy-generating trap. Spiralling energy bills generated by traditional power generators put pressure on the household budget, while the cost of updating to a better cheaper cleaner system always seems just that little bit too far out of reach.

That is why the solar neutral concept is such an exciting concept!

Solar neutral – tapping into the power of solar energy at no additional cost to what you are already paying for your power – is a great initiative available from Hush Energy.

Hush Energy has designed our own Solar Neutral Program so that your new solar system will give you energy savings that will pay off the solar system in as little as five years. It has been designed to cost you absolutely nothing. The savings that you make on your existing energy bills are applied to the cost of your new solar system.

Simply put – if your new solar power system costs you seven thousand dollars, it will save you seven thousand dollars over a period of five years. That’s zero net cost. The purchase is cost neutral – or solar neutral. It is a win – win situation! You get to use clean efficient energy that will reduce your energy costs substantially and you use those savings to pay for your new system. There is no catch – this is just a common sense solution that makes it easier for you to make the switch to solar power today. After five years, all your energy savings are just that – savings – and your solar energy system effectively costs you nothing – it may even start to generate a little income for you via feed in tariffs.

How good is that?

This is the best, most efficient way to enter the solar energy market and Hush Energy make it even easier by arranging a no catch finance package to assist you to enter the market. The package has no deposit, no fees and no payout penalty (ever!) and the package is structured to allow you to save the energy savings that you will make with solar power to pay off your loan.

Solar neutral means that you will substantially reduce your carbon footprint while utilising a premium state of the art solar system and reducing your fuel costs.

Investing in solar energy is the smart way to manage your future energy needs and costs. The solar neutral initiative makes it easier for everybody to update their energy generation needs to the cleaner, greener, less expensive option, without having to worry about being out of pocket from day one. It is smart, affordable and green.

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