What size solar panel installation will power my household needs

When deciding which sized solar panel installation to buy, there are a few factors to consider – primarily your energy consumption needs and your budget. One of the first steps to discovering your energy consumption is to look at your current electricity bill, as most will give you an indication of both your current daily consumption – as well as past consumption – in the form of a chart or graph (usually on the back of your bill)..

An average sized home containing an average sided family will consume around 12 to 14 kWhrs during daylight hours, and up to around 16 kWhrs if the home has a pool or uses a moderate amount of air-conditioning. Of course, this may vary and a person living alone would use significantly less, while a large share home or a home with a large family would use more.

With Queensland’s excellent sunlight coverage, a 1 kW solar system will easily produce around 5 kWhrs of daily energy, meaning that a 3 KW system will generally be enough for an average Aussie home and a 2 KW system would be ideal for a one-person household.

Queenslanders are also entitled to a solar feed-in tariff through the state’s Solar Bonus Scheme, which allows you to receive credit back for energy fed back to the QLD electricity grid. This occurs in situations where more solar energy is produced than what you are using, such as during the day when you are at work and only a few items (such as your refrigerator and hot water system) are left running. The beauty of solar feed-in tariffs is that you can use this to pay off your Hush Solar system and – once it is paid in full, after about five years – you will receive this bonus amount back as a cheque. Yes, you will essentially be paid for having a solar system!

The rate of entitlement varies depending on which Queensland region you live in, but you can contact us for more information on the amount you may be entitled to. This means that you will save money (depending on how much energy you feed back to the grid) and can take that into consideration when deciding upon your system.

The below chart will give you an indication of what size installation you will nee

Solar installation sizeWhat it will power
450 WAll household lights, microwave, kettle, entertainment system (TV, DVD, stereo).
900 WRefrigerator, dishwasher, computer, all household lights, microwave, kettle, entertainment system (TV, DVD, stereo).
1.5 kWOven, stove and grill OR washing machine and drier, plus refrigerator, dishwasher, computer, all household lights, microwave, kettle, entertainment system (TV, DVD, stereo).
2.25 kWAll of your general household needs (for a typical 3 bedroom home), excluding an air conditioner
3 – 5kWThis size will allow you to be completely self-sufficient, including the use of a standard air-conditioning system.