Why We Need To Move To Solar As Our Main Energy Source

man installing solar panel on house roof

We keep damaging our earth by burning fossil fuels and now fracking (hydraulic fracturing) – which is technically the act of drilling a deep hole, then ‘injecting’ that hole with high pressure mixtures of water, sand and dangerous chemicals in order to crack gas containing shale in the location. This allows the gas to seep out of the hole, or ‘well’, leaving the approximately 151,000 litres of 600 different chemicals (per fracturing) in the earth! Both of these are terrible for the surrounding environments, but there is obviously controversy around how much actual damage either of these processes cause and whether the benefits outweigh the damage; however, any is too much in our opinion!

While one of these maybe a necessary evil for the time being, once we start changing the way we think, the processes will slowly change and our futures will start to look bright again. The sun provides a perfect backdrop for us to harness its energy. This of course fluctuates, depending on where you reside; however, the places that receive the least sun light tend to be a little windier. What does that have to do with the sun? I hear you ask – well, wind energy essentially occurs as a result of solar power. Wind occurs from the heating and cooling of the atmosphere, this in turn causes air and air layers to rise and fall. This rapid movement causes the wind currents to form.

residential house solar power system infographic

In any case, these FREE energy sources are non-polluting, effective, efficient and renewable – now if that doesn’t tick every box on the eco-friendly list, nothing will. Renewable energy sources are a huge factor in reducing the current global carbon dioxide emission levels and they also help mitigate our dependence on the quickly depleting fossil fuels. In essence, there’s absolutely more than enough renewable energy to grant every household their energy needs forever. The main problem has been developing the capability to economically capture, use and store it.

The Sun harnesses a staggering amount of energy, and this is possible to capture / use long after the sun has set and can even be used through elongated cloudy periods. The only drawback is the costs involved in restructuring. It would actually bankrupt some countries – if not all – that tried to convert entirely to renewable energy sources in a short period of time; however, the slow process over time would allow us to break away from fossil fuels. Talking to us here at Hush Energy helps begin the development of a better and healthier earth.

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