Hush Energy is North Lakes Leading Solar Power System Supplier & Installer

If you are looking to install a solar power system in North Lakes, we work with you every step of the way providing you with all the advice and guidance needed to ensure we fit your home or business out with the ideal residential or commercial solar power system for your needs.

We have successfully completed commercial, industrial and retirement village installations throughout North Lakes, no solar panel job is too big or too small for our team.

North Lakes is located approximately 26 km north of the Brisbane central business district. North Lakes is a suburb of the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia.
North Lakes includes parklands, schools and shops and also many new facilities in the area, including the North Lakes Community Centre, Interchange, industrial estate, and Westfield North Lakes.

A cinema complex opened in mid-2016. An IKEA superstore (the second in Queensland) officially opened on 17 November 2016 as part of Westfield’s stage three development. North Lakes is also the site of Queensland’s first Costco.

North Lakes is one of the areas that we serve from our Hush Energy Brisbane Office

From high-quality solar panels to battery storage, we can help you navigate the process of choosing the right solar system solution for your North Lakes home or business.

Why Choose us?

Our SolarEdge systems offer a minimum of 20 year Power Performance guarantee.

Competing solar systems don’t offer the same features, let alone this type of guarantee, which is why we won’t install them.

SolarEdge is the world leaders in optimised solar systems, providing higher levels of performance, safety, reliability and warranty.

Each of their solar panels has an individual power threshold. Differences between panels introduce power losses and can lead to underperformance of the entire system. With traditional inverters, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all panels in an entire string.

SolarEdge, unlike traditional systems, maximises the energy output of each panel individually, eliminating power losses due to soiling, leaves, shading, or other factors.

When you are talking high quality, you can’t do better than SolarEdge solar panels for your Cairns solar power system.

These 2 features are in EVERY system we install:

  1. Every wire is fully protected up to every panel for complete safety.
  2. Every panel operates independently from each other to provide higher production and reliability.

You can find these features in our superior systems from the world’s leaders – Enphase Energy and Solaredge.

Many companies focus on being the cheapest supplier and the cheapest system.

These systems often don’t have the safety features that our panels have.

We see thousands of those cheap systems breaking down, making owners wish they’d invested in better quality systems upfront.

We’ve spent years focusing on a quality product and quality installation with our own employed QLD solar installers. If you’re getting our solar panels installed in Cairns, the installation team will be employed by us.

As one of Queensland’s leading solar power installation companies, we hold the two highest qualifications for quality products and service in our industry.
The Clean Energy Council and the Smart Energy Council have approved Hush Energy Cairns as solar installers.


Residential Solar

Let us show you how to pay $0 upfront and NO MORE than you are currently paying to your electricity company. Pay off your solar system instead of paying them!
Spread the costs out over a number of years for peace of mind.

Commercial Solar

As your company grows and requires more electricity, you can be assured that the top-of-the-line Hush solar system you’ve purchased can grow to meet your business’ requirements.

Solar Financing

Hush Energy can offer you exciting and unparalleled finance options.

Why not simply divert some of your existing electricity payments to paying for your own system – not theirs.