Frequently Asked Questions

When you are thinking about buying a solar power system you have questions. Here are our most frequently asked questions.

Shade is only one problem that impacts on solar panels. Wind, grime and faulty connectors will all reduce the performance, so without panels working individually, 1 faulty panel will affect up to 50% of your system or more. Why lose so much of your savings?

Yes, they start earlier and turn off later due to superior design functions. Cheaper systems need a minimum level of volts which may not be achieved on cold mornings or low light times.

Our systems have superior design functions and lower operating voltages which places less stress on the whole system.

Only our superior systems with individual panels will operate at full performance. Cheaper systems will drop their performance to the worst performing group.

Yes our systems are completely flexible and can have any size panels added to it. Any cheaper system older than 5 years have panels that are much smaller that aren’t made anymore, so they can’t expand easily, they usually recommend replacing your existing panels.

How can they know for sure every panel is working at full performance if they can’t see each one online. Cheaper systems can only tell your what is coming out of the inverter, not what every panel is doing. You might have water coming out of the hose, but can’t see the leaks in the hose. We provide peace of mind as you know every panel, connector and cable is fully functional.

There most likely is, but because you can’t see it, you’re in the dark. With our systems, we could diagnose any faults remotely or give you complete peace of mind that your system is at 100% performance. That saves you time and money.

In Qld by law all new buildings have to have every electrical circuit protected, we simply do the same with our solar systems are we believe in maximum protection. I hope to never use the airbags in my car, but would never buy a car without them.

The Qld Electrical Safety Office reports on dozens of solar fires each year. In the event of a fault, a normal (cheap system without protected wiring) cannot turn itself off and can catch on fire and can also make your roof live and deadly. The Qld Fire Service train their fire fighters not to get onto a roof with a solar system because of the danger.

Yes, our systems are monitored from your switchboard right up to every panel on the roof and will turn off individual panels in the event of a fault. Very simply, if any system cannot see each panel, it cannot protect itself or your building.