Australia – The Best Place in The World for Solar Power

Our countries potential for solar power is greater than any other on the planet. Are you taking advantage?

When looking at a solar radiation map of the world, it is not hard to work out that Australia is one of the most well suited places in the world for solar power. Along with parts of Africa, a thick line across Queensland, the Northern Territory and the top of Western Australia harbours the greatest concentration of solar radiation in the world. This means everyday Australians in Queensland are among the best positioned to benefit from the savings offered by solar power.

With the combination of rich solar potential, a skilled industry of solar installation, government incentives for installing solar in your home including partial subsidy of your solar system and money off your power bill for any excess power you feed back into the grid, Queensland residents should begin considering solar panels as a genuine solution to battling rising electricity costs.

Get solar smart soon and install a clean solar energy system on your Queensland home and reap the benefits this great country has to offer in solar power potential. 

Looking for a solar power system? Choose your location.

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