How are Hush Energy solar power systems superior?

Prospective customers often ask Hush Energy to prove our residential solar power systems are better. 

Oh, how we love a challenge!

  • How about a 12-year system warranty as standard, not five? That’s what you get with Hush Energy.
  • What about being able to guarantee – in writing at any time – that every panel, cable and connector is working whenever they want? Yes, we guarantee that!
  • What about every centimetre of solar cabling being monitored and protected against any faults? No standard system is able to do that, yet it's mandatory in America and being strongly recommended here in Australia (of course, other solar power installers won’t tell you about that). It’s the law for the rest of your house and office, but not yet for solar. We insist on it for your safety and peace of mind.
  • In systems installed by Hush Energy, no panels are hampered by another underperforming panel somewhere on the roof. Yet with standard systems, every panel output can vary by up to 10% meaning you could be losing that much every day.

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