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It’s clear the Australian rooftop solar revolution is charging ahead. And why not? It makes sense as Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the world. However, while the solar sector in our country has long been driven by households, corresponding forward-thinking solar energy policy in the federal capital and in many state governments has been sadly lacking.

Many visitors to our country wonder why it is that we are not a solar energy superpower, pointing out that we should be leading the world in innovation and large-scale solar projects because of the advantages of our sunny land. The answer is partly that the traditional fossil fuel energy companies still have a big sway in Canberra and our nation’s capitals. Lobbyists for the coal and gas industry maintain great control over many lawmakers, helping to influence laws that fundamentally restrict the development of renewable energy projects such as solar energy.

Countering the power of the fossil fuel lobby is the job of groups such as Solar Citizens. An independent, community-based organisation, the group works hard to advocate on behalf of the more than 5 million solar owners, those that wish to join the solar power revolution, even people who just consider solar energy a great idea! The group forms a focal point for solar owners, bringing together millions of solar users, defending their interests and pushing for positive change. It’s an online hub where you can go to find out information about solar energy. You can also access news about solar and events organised that may be of interest to you as a solar owner — or if you are considering investing in solar as an energy source.

Solar Citizens is determined to put the news out about solar energy on your behalf. Important news such as the falling cost of solar power and the fact that this makes having a solar array more affordable than ever. This outlook resonates with us at Hush Energy; we support the work of Solar Citizens and recommend you join and sign the petitions. Let our elected representatives know where you stand on solar power policy!

One of the many petitions currently on the site is A Fair Price for Solar. We urge you to consider signing this important petition. It demonstrates the unfairness of the way the feed-in tariff works, with solar users being paid 6c per kilowatt hour for energy exported to the grid, while energy companies are paid 29c per KWh. As the petition says: “It’s time that solar owners are recognised for the power they feed back into the grid and are paid a fair price for the sunny energy that benefits all consumers.”

Join the Solar Citizens movement and help push for cleaner, more affordable energy. Interested in getting solar, either as a resident or in a commercial setting? Contact us at Hush Energy and find out how we can help.

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