Solar Power Statistics, Trivia and Facts

It takes a very great and established society to start to rectify the problems of the world that surrounds them. In the past few decades, the reality of our fragility has hit, and it has hit hard – there are few climate degradation deniers left; even Tony Abbott has dwindled in his anti-environmental views. Gone are the days where we solely rely on fossil fuels for our energy needs – it’s no longer possible to believe that we can keep burning these unrenewable sources without eventually running out or destroying the environment in the process. Introducing the new generation of energy production – renewable energy from the sun!

There are plenty of exciting and fun statistics, trivia and facts about solar; in fact, you might be completely stunned by what you didn’t know about this ground breaking industry.

  1. To meet and exceed the world’s energy needs, it would only require 0.3% of the Earth’s land to be utilised by means of solar power.
  2. To provide all of Australia’s energy needs, it would only take about 3/4 of all the roof spaces in the country.
  3. When comparing nuclear and solar, solar comes out on top – weight for weight, solar cells produce the same quantity of power over their life span as their hazardous counterpart.
  4. Solar power produces over 100 times more energy over its lifetime than either fossil or nuclear – when comparing per tonnage of materials mined.
  5. The total amount of energy that goes into producing solar panels is reimbursed within the first 1-2 years of the solar panel’s use.
  6. The current upper limit for silicon constructed cells is 29% exchange. However, monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels generally have productivities in the range of 12% - 25%. If solar concentrators are added, that number jumps to above 60%.
  7. Earth receives so much energy from the sun that, in just one hour, it produces more energy than is used by the world’s population in an entire year.
  8. Australia has now over one million solar power systems in action. Aussie Aussie Aussie!
  9. Wind is still considered solar energy, as wind forms by the uneven warming of the Earth’s surface – this causes high and low pressures, which creates the air’s movement – hence, wind
  10. The first ever solar cell was created by the inventor Charles Fritts – the year was 1880; although, it only had a conversion efficiency of 1 per cent.
  11. Germany leads the way in solar, with a staggering half of the world’s total installed solar cells – this is because of the government’s hugely generous feed in tariff. Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of the world followed suit?
  12. The actual construction of solar cells produces around 90% less pollution than most of the conservative fossil fuels produced.
  13. The employment industry benefits extremely well from solar power – around 250-450 jobs each year are created from manufacturing, development, research and installation.

Now you’ve read through and formalised yourself with some of these facts, why not spread the word!

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