Sunshine State Living Up to Its Name!

Queensland, also known as the sunshine state, currently boasts the largest number of rooftop solar power users. In addition to this, the state is now leading the way in large-scale solar plant construction. This trend in the development of Queensland solar power infrastructure means the sunshine state nickname is certainly proving apropos.

Large-Scale Solar

Queensland is currently overseeing the construction of 14 solar power projects, more than any of Australia's other states. 
A 300MW facility, the largest solar power plant to date, is being constructed near Columboola. Construction of this single facility will create over 400 local jobs. 

When complete, it will provide power for approximately 110,000 homes. Altogether, these 14 projects represent over 2 billion investment dollars, more than 800MW of electricity flowing into Australia's power grid and the creation of at least 1570 local jobs.

The opportunities for growth in the solar power industry are a direct result of a very supportive state government coupled with the cooperation and efforts of both private investors and renewable energy support organisations. The renewable energy industry as a whole chose Brisbane, Queensland's capital, to host the first ever Large-Scale Solar Energy Forum because of the state's solar prominence.

Rooftop Solar

Queensland is also home to the largest number of rooftop solar energy users in the nation. Most consumers purchase rooftop solar energy systems to supplement electricity supplied by the power grid, although systems are available which are capable of providing the entirety of a home's needs. Individuals who install rooftop solar systems experience more than just the benefits of a lower electric bill. Feed in tariffs are paid to the owners of rooftop solar systems, net feed in tariffs being predominant in Australia, which provide reimbursement for any surplus energy generated by the system.

Get Involved!

If you haven't already, now's the time to get your home and family involved! Join the solar revolution in Queensland either by joining in the large-scale movement or simply by installing a rooftop solar power system. You can find out how to do both online! Organisations like Hush Energy will point you in the right direction, giving you access to information and resources for the shift to solar energy. Making the switch to solar will not only reduce the emission of climate changing chemicals into the atmosphere, it will help you and your family combat the rising cost of living.

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