The Benefits of Battery Storage

Imagine being able to harness the sun’s energy by day and store it in batteries overnight. The Enphase storage battery allow you to not only generate your own electricity, but to store and measure exactly how much power you have generated, how much you have used and how much you have stored. Battery storage offers exciting possibilities for solar energy users, either by removing themselves from the grid entirely or remaining attached to the grid.

The benefits of having a reliable solar system that can store all the energy you need are obvious – free energy and no reliance at all upon the provision of power from the grid. Many would call this a power generating Utopia, but remaining connected to the grid while maintaining a state of the art solar battery storage system may be the wiser move.

When you remain connected to the grid, you get the very best of both worlds. You can turn an otherwise passive energy resource into flexible capacity that provides power when it’s most valuable to you when you need it. When you remain connected to the grid, solar-storage batteries can increase reliability and enable value exchange for the benefit of both you and the power company.

While consumers can enjoy the benefits of battery storage, energy companies too can successfully leverage off the integration of storage batteries within the grid. Successful integration of battery storage and the power grid has benefits to the power company in being able to manage demand response, peak load reduction, renewable generation smoothing and the provision of ancillary services.

As a solar system owner, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. A modular plug and play system like the Enphase storage battery is safe and reliable.
  2. You can tap in to an adaptive intelligent system that maximises power bill savings and battery life by maximising usage and savings over time.
  3. Very simple and easy installation procedure.
  4. Low up front cost (think investment) and easy to add on to.
  5. Guaranteed supply regardless of the grid and its availability
  6. Reduced carbon footprint.

Solar battery storage is the future in energy consumption and generation. Battery storage systems like the Enphase battery open up possibilities for more affordable energy use and some will be tempted to remove themselves entirely from the energy grid.

However, these same benefits that make severing the connection from the energy grid also unlock exciting prospects for evolving and optimising our grid-connected electricity system. Far short of cutting the cord, integrating solar-storage battery systems into the existing grid can create a powerful synergy that can maximise value for grid-connected customers and service providers.

A power battery storage system like the Enphase storage battery is going to deliver you tangible savings and flexible renewable energy solutions. Adding a storage battery to your solar energy system is well worth considering.

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