Why cheap purchase price for a solar equates to more cost outlay in the long run

Every week at Hush Energy, we receive a phone call from a solar owner who has a system that’s broken down even though it’s relatively new.

Tragically, they’ve opted to save $1000 and purchase a cheap system somewhere, but are now faced with the fact that four years later it’s not working. Companies that sell these cheap systems convince the customer: “They’re all the same, ours are just cheaper.”

Sadly, these cheap systems DO NOT last even the five-year warranty they supposedly have and the customer is shocked to hear that it will cost them over $2000 to replace their inverter.

Of course, when we ask why they haven’t contacted the company that sold them the cheap and nasty system, the answer is nearly always the same: they tried to, only to find out they have gone out of business. 

See the link? Cheap purchase price initially equals more cost outlay in the long run.

Hush Energy has not sold a standard, cheap system for five years now. Their quality and reliability is so inferior, we avoid them to ensure our residential solar power customers do not endure major hassles in the future. 

Instead, we use global leaders in superior systems where every panel is able to operate independently for increased performance and ALL wiring is fully monitored and protected

We specialise in these systems and we don’t offer or sell anything less.

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