Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy - AC connected micro inverters

What is a micro inverter? It's simply a tiny solar inverter mounted directly under every solar panel. This allows it to convert the DC voltage from one panel directly into AC electricity. It's more efficient, more reliable and vastly safer. The micro inverter operates completely independantly from each other, concentrating only on that 1 solar panel and is not affected by the output of another panel. This allows it to produce more electricity, particularly in times of adverse or cold weather when a standard system is handicapped by another poor performing panel.

Enphase Energy are the world’s largest micro inverter company and have now released their 7th generation inverter, the only company in the world with this amount of experience. With features such as each panel operating independently of each other and using standard 240V cabling instead of high voltage cabling, it is a clear choice for safety and reliability. Outstanding online customer monitoring is available through My Enlighten, enabling customers to view current and historical data and performance on their system. Automatic system performance monitoring is also offered free for every system.

Enphase Energy micro inverters dedication to QUALITY is demonstrated when looking at their research, development and manufacturing processes. No other company tests their product for ONE MILLION hours prior to releasing it to market. This is their guarantee to a superior system and backed by a 10 year full replacement warranty.


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