Safer Solar

Our systems are the only ones on the market to have FULLY PROTECTED wiring all the way from the switchboard right up to every solar panel. They are constantly monitoring and protecting your system and your building from any electrical faults. Its the same as having safety switches which are vital for safety in your building.

That's should be normal I hear you say? Sadly no. If fact Enphase Energy micro inverters and SolarEdge optimised systems are the ONLY systems on the market to do this. ALL OTHER STANDARD systems CANNOT monitor and protect the wiring and building from faults and this has leads to hundreds of fires.

That's a big statement I hear you say? Yes it is and that is why America has made it MANDATORY to have fully protected wiring in every system. Sadly it's not mandatory here so all solar companies keep providing systems with no protection. When there is a fault, it is regularly leading to major fires.

Hush Energy will only install one of these systems listed below because they have superior safety and monitoring to provide a superior level of protection for our customers. Click on the product logos to view our product pages.

Listen to Finn Peacock, owner of Solar Quotes and one of Australia's highest regarded critics of cheap quality. Guess what he chose for his house........




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