Battery Storage will set you free!

Hush Energy has your Australian solar supplies covered!  We can provide high quality storage systems from Solar Edge and Enphase for solar systems QLD-wide, so you benefit from a complete solar power solution - a system which produces solar energy during the day and night, as well as storing energy during the night.

By having all your own electricity produced every day, you can choose how much independance your house or business enjoys. 

Option 1

StorEdge™: Optimising Self-Consumption and Backup Power
SolarEdge’s StorEdge DC coupled storage solution automatically provides homeowners with backup power in case of  grid interruption, and allows homeowners to maximise self-consumption and to increase their energy independence.  Unused PV power is stored in a battery and used during a power outage or when PV production is insufficient. The solution is based on a single inverter for PV, storage and backup power.

This system is a game changer, providing the highest 'bang for buck' value and saving our customers many thousands of dollars every year.

Full Visibility & Easy Maintenance
* Monitor the battery status, PV production, and self-consumption data from any smart phone
* Smarter energy consumption to reduce electricity bills
* Remote firmware upgrades to both inverter & battery


Option 2

Enphase Energy has a unique, modular designed, lithium battery storage system, ideal for the customer that has a small budget and will expand their storage over time. Just as Enphase revolutionised solar with their flexible, safer, performance monitored systems, now they have changed forever the energy storage world. Modular, flexible systems that can be expanded easily allowing customers to purchase their full sized system immediatley or increase their storage capacity over a number of years.

Your Enphase micro inverter solar system and Enphase battery storage system is fully monitored on MyEnlighten, so the customer is kept fully informed of what they are producing, what they are using, what they are storing. THIS is the future of energy and as one of Australia's most trusted solar power installation companies, we can deliver this next-gen solar tech to you.

The Enphase Energy Management System


How much can Hush Energy save on your electricity bill?