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SolarEdge are the world leaders in Optimised solar systems, providing higher levels of performance, safety, reliability and warranty.

Each solar panel can produce different amounts of power for many reasons such as shading, damage, even wind affects output. With traditional inverters, these differences introduce power losses and can lead to underperformance of the entire system. Imagine a group of runners tied together, if one is slowing down, the whole group is forced to slow down.

SolarEdge, unlike traditional systems, maximises the energy output of each panel individually by using an optimiser under every panel, eliminating power losses.

Here’s Why Solar Edge are the Best Quality Solar System for your Home or Business

By connecting a SolarEdge power optimiser to a PV panel it becomes an intelligent panel. This enables the user to:

• Harvest of up to 25% more energy from each panel
• Constant feedback on individual panel performance
• Safe DC voltage on each panel maximising safety in case of an emergency

Inverters with HD-Wave technology are only responsible for DC to AC conversion only, as all other functions are handled separately for each panel by the power optimisers. Its simple yet delivers a vastly superior level of performance and safety, including an industry leading weighted conversion efficiency of 99%.

Try Battery Storage and Backup – The StorEdge™ solution stores unused solar power in compatible batteries from LG Chem, for use when needed to help meet your home energy demands. Electricity bills are lowered,  you gain more independence from the grid and you even get backup power during grid failures.

More power = lower electricity bills.

Enhanced Safety

SolarEdge’s SafeDC™ feature is designed to reduce the set of panels to a safe voltage upon grid or inverter shutdown, offering more protection to installers, firefighters, and your home.

More Aesthetic Rooftops

SolarEdge enables optimal use of your rooftop, resulting in more aesthetic design, for more energy and more savings. Mix and match panel types to easily expand your system later.

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Full System Monitoring

Get free, real-time visibility into the performance of each panel in your solar array. SolarEdge’s monitoring platform is accessible from your computer or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

Long-Term Warranties

Solar Edge products are field-proven and built for lasting performance, with long-term warranties of 25 years for SolarEdge power optimisers and 12 years for inverters (extendable to 20 or 25 years for an additional cost).  Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind.

Smart Home Energy Solutions – Ready Now For A Smarter Future

SolarEdge smart energy solutions use excess PV power to increase solar energy usage and power household appliances. Whether you plan to use smart energy solutions now, or are looking towards a smarter future, SolarEdge makes sure your system is smart energy ready.

Cut your water heating costs, power the lights, power the pool, charge your electric vehicle, and much more!

  • Store excess PV directly on high-efficiency batteries for use when PV production is low, or for backup during a power outage.
  • Take control of electricity bills and maximise self-consumption with a suite of flexible, modular smart energy solutions.
  • Run your car on sunshine. Even if you don’t already have an EV, you probably will in the future – be EV-ready with the world’s first EV charging inverter.

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