Our Quality Commitment

At Hush Energy we specialise in only installing state of the art solar power Queensland systems with superior advantages in safety, production, reliability and warranty. To ensure every system meets our high level of standard, we set a benchmark on what a system must possess:

These 2 features are in EVERY system we install:

1. Every wire is fully protected up to every panel for complete safety.

2. Every panel operates independently from each other to provide higher production and reliability.

These features are only found in our superior systems from the world's leaders - Enphase Energy and Solaredge.  These are global leaders in our industry, constantly releasing product which is market leading and show a commitment to us and you as their customers. The continued success of our business depends on us providing quality products and service that ensure customers achieve what we have promised them. That is our first priority – you the customer.

Why is that our priority? Because we see most companies focusing on being the cheapest quote and the cheapest system. Other companies supply cheaper systems which don't have the safety features, the comprehensive monitoring, the panels operating independently of each other. These features are mandatory for all our systems, we insist on it for the benefit of our customers. We know see thousands of those cheap systems breaking down and those customers are shocked to see the lack of reliability, realising that they should have spent just a little more in the first place for one of our superior systems.

Hush Energy has spent years focusing on a quality product and quality installation with our own employed QLD solar installers - its why we now hold the highest qualifications by our industry's governing bodies.

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